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Pure by Nature

The purest form of hydration coming straight from nature. Al Khoud is for everyone pursuing healthy hydration and natural products 

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In the sun-kissed surroundings of the majestic Al Hajjar mountains there lies a reservoir of deep earth water as old as civilization.Formed in the rain clouds high above, every shower, every drizzle, every drop makes its journey through half a kilometer of igneous rock and nestles in the deep earth as pure, natural water rich in naturally added minerals.


Our Story

Al Khoud - Pure Natural Water.

This is not a story about just a bottle of water. It’s a story about nature, respect and a continuous journey for excellence. Al-Khoud water came to life in 2016, celebrating the magnificence of the most precious treasure in our land which is water.


Our team had a vision of bringing the purest water to the people of Oman because we believe that you deserve to have the best that nature has to offer. Using the latest available technologies out there we’ve brought you the drops of life running through the rocks of the majestic Al Hajjar mountains to provide you with the purest and finest water.


Our first priority is our customers’ wellness, as a healthy body and a pure mind mean a happy life. There is a journey of excellence behind every single bottle of Al Khoud water. Following a sophisticated 24-step process to achieve the highest standard of hygiene and safety, each 5-gallon polycarbonate bottle is thoroughly washed and sanitized before filling.

We’re so serious about your wellness and health, so we utilize the most advanced machines in our field that involves no human intervention to have ultimate levels of sanitation and hygiene in our cleaning and bottling facilities.


Our mission is to quench the thirst of upcoming generations with the purest and finest water that nature has to offer. For that, there is a dedicated multilingual call center at your service for any of your inquiries or comments. Plus, there is an army of technicians who’re always available on spot, in case your Al Khoud cooler needs repair.


The Journey




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Work with Al Khoud

At Al Khoud Oman, we produce the highest quality products and deliver services that exceed our customers' expectations'.

To make this possible, we don’t just look out for the most motivated, highly skilled and dedicated people but we also make an investment in their safety, welfare and their personal development.

If you think you have what it takes to join the Al Khoud family, see from the below listings if we need someone with your skillset.

Al Khoud

Global Pioneer LLC
P. O. Box: 2727, P. C. 111,
Al Khoud, Al Seeb, Muscat,
Sultanate of Oman

+968 2454 1617

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